Dede Kavanagh began her career as an event planner on Broadway shows.  

Working on shows like Cats and Into The Woods, on movies such as Hannah and Her Sisters and Radio Days, she coordinated with producers, directors, lighting and set designers, and, of course, top-flight talent as costumer and costume designer. 

“Events are shows,” Dede says.  “I apply the same creative skills, the same management skills to ‘stage’ events. Shows and events are all about executing a vision, being creative and disciplined at the same time.  You have to have both - it's the difference between having a hit or a flop.”

From booking the appropriate venue to designing the decor, coordinating food, beverages, music, wait-and-clean-up staffs,  Dede plans and runs events that are tightly scripted. At the same time, she knows and is sensitive to the fact that all events have their own “flow” – a round of toasts may run long, fathers-of-brides may want to have one (or two) last dances. 

“My team knows how to improvise, “ Dede says.  “We know how to take advantage of the unexpected, how to use it to make every event truly exceptional, truly extraordinary.”